Join aurora professor and trained astronomer, Torsten Aslaksen, on a campfire under dark sky at walking distance from Tromsø Camping. There he will guide you trough the wonders of the northern lights and secrets of the night sky using storytelling, laser pointer and sensitive camera as tools. The campfire has been the arena for passing knowledge between generation. We place you in the same setting around the fire and under the overwhelming dark sky where northern lights and thousands of stars has sparked myths and facts as far back as history can tell.

The campfire is an easy 30 min walk from Tromsø Camping. Time around the campfire is 2 hours, during which you also are served hot dogs, soup and coffea/tea. Total time from departure to arrival at Tromsø camping is 3 hours. You will be sitting on reindeer furs, but you still need warm clothes, especially shoes, to stay warm around the campfire. Although not needed, private camera and binoculars may enhance the experience.



Adult: NOK 990,-

Child: NOK 750,-

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