Tromsø is located just next to seas “boiling” with whales. Both Humpback Whales and Orcas find their way into the Norwegian fjords searching for herring during the winter, creating the perfect opportunity to go whale watching. Watching these gentle and intelligent giants use their wit to outsmart the fish is an experience of a lifetime. 

We invite you to go whale watching, where you will get fantastic views of the dancing whales, with a backdrop of beautiful fjords and mountains. Being on the deck, you get perfect opportunities to take pictures with unbelieveable motives. If you prefer to be inside, the indoor saloon is a comfortable option. Ensure you have enough space on your memory card, and are prepared to photograph this unforgettable experience. If you are unsure how to, check out the guidelines by Norwegian Orca Survey, and even become a scientist while doing so.

Join one of our partners for a unique experience – contact the reception / front desk for more information.

  • November – January


Adult: from NOK 1490,-

Children and Teens: from NOK 990,-

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