Dogs are allowed in all of our traditional cabins for an extra fee. Please let us know at latest on arrival if you want to bring a dog.

Please note that dogs are not allowed inside the Superior and Deluxe cabins, as these cabins are allergy friendly.

Dogs are welcome to the caravan site as long as it’s kept under control. Please pick up waste after your dog to keep the area tidy and clean.

All our cabins are heated with no extra cost. We use electric heaters for heating.

The northern lights chasing tours cover a large area around Tromsø, much larger than you could reach by foot or with the city buses. This makes the chances of seeing the northern lights much higher, since you could reach areas with clear sky if it’s cloudy near Tromsø. The northern lights tours also have guides who know what to look for on the forecast to predict where you get the best chances of seeing the northern lights.

It is of course possible to reach the same area around Tromsø on your own if you have a car available during your stay, and many guests have had success with hunting for the aurora on their own. Please do note that the winter roads around Tromsø could be very slippery, and it could be dangerous to drive out if you’re not experienced with wintry driving conditions.
We could help you decide which areas to go to at the reception, but we do not have the same experience and knowledge about the area as the guides driving the norther lights tours have.

Check-in is normally from 15:00  / 3 pm on the day of arrival.

If you arrive after our opening hours, you will find an envelope with your name in a gray mailbox by the door of the reception. In this envelope, you will find your keys and info showing where your cabin is located. If you have any questions when you arrive outside of our opening hours, you can reach our security company on our main number all night. (Tel.0047 776 38 037)

Please contact the reception before 12:00 / 12 pm the next day to confirm your arrival and make the payment for the room. We also appreciate if you contact us before arrival if you know that you will arrive after we close for the evening.


Check-out is before 12:00 / 12 pm on the day of departure. Please deliver your keys and keycards at the reception when you leave.
If you check out before the opening hours of the reception, please leave your keys in the grey mailbox outside the reception.

Bed linen, towels, and the end of stay cleaning are all included in the price for all of our cabins.

Please note that for the sake of the environment, we will not clean your cabin on a daily basis if this is included in the price. Please contact the reception if you want daily cleaning of your cabin.

If you prefer, you can of course bring your own bed sheets. Sleeping bags are also fine.

In July of 2015, we opened a brand new site for caravans and motorhomes as a great improvement from our previous camp site.
We have 54 places, each with a leveled asphalt place for the caravan/motorhome, electricity close to the place and a pitch of artificial grass right outside the door of your vehicle. The area has coverage of free Wi-Fi, and brand new service buildings with showers, toilets, kitchen and sauna nearby.

Please note that we use CEE 17-sockets, and not Schuko. If you only have a Schuko-plug available, it is possible to buy or borrow an adapter from the reception.

During the summer season, there is very high demand on our camp site, and we often run out of places some time during the day. If you know which date you will be in Tromsø and want to rent a place, we highly recommend that you contact us beforehand to make sure you get a place. If you want to book for the same day, you could give us a call, and we’ll reserve a place for you.

Our tent area is in a forest area near the cabin area, across a small walking bridge. Because of this, it’s not possible to bring a car or MC across to the tent area, but there is parking available right next to the bridge. There is no electricity available at the tent area.

If you rent a place for a tent, you will have access to our service buildings, with showers, toilets, kitchen and sauna. Our Wi-Fi might not reach all of the tent area, but you’re welcome to stay in the common kitchen or at the reception lounge to use it there.
There’s usually no need to book a tent place before arrival, as we don’t have a set number of places. If you arrive after our opening hours and want to stay with a tent, it’s possible to give us a call beforehand so we can leave an envelope with key cards for the service building in the mailbox of the reception for you.

All our guests have free access to wireless internet on the area. The name of our network is Camping.

We do have a washing room with both washing machines and dryers. Please contact the reception for prices and availability of this.

The easiest way to get to the camping from the airport is by taxi. There is a good amount of taxis at the airport directly after each arrival, so if you’re four persons or less and just need a regular taxi, there’s no need to pre-book this. The price for a taxi is approximately 250-350NOK, and takes around 15 minutes.

Alternatively, you could use the city buses to get to and from the airport.

From the airport, take bus 24 all the way to the bus stop called Båthavna across the big bridge. This trip takes about 45 minutes. From the bus stop Båthavna it’s a 10min walk up the valley along the river to get to us.

Bus tickets could be bought either by cash on the bus (approx. 50NOK), at the kiosk at the airport or by an app called Troms Mobillett (Approx. NOK35). If you’re planning on using the bus more during your stay, there are also weekly and daily tickets available for sale.

At the moment, we don’t have any skiing or other outdoor equipment for hire from the reception.

There is a rental office in town called Tromsø Outdoor where you can rent most types of winter and sports equipment. It is also possible to get the equipment brought to the camping, but this will cost an extra fee in addition to the rental fees of the equipment.

The northern lights could appear anywhere on the sky in the area Tromsø is located in. There are three main concerns to think about when looking for the northern lights:

-First of all, the sky should be clear. The northern lights are above the clouds, so if it’s completely cloudy, it will block the view to the northern lights. If it’s cloudy in Tromsø, we recommend booking a northern lights tour, since they cover a much larger area around Tromsø. It’s often clearer weather in the inland areas if it’s cloudy by the coast, and opposite. If you’re comfortable with driving on winter roads and have access to a car during your stay, you could either check for the weather forecast, or we could help you suggest locations to drive to at the reception.

-The Aurora Forecast is also worth checking before looking for the northern lights. The forecast measures the northern lights activity in the atmosphere, and spends from 0-10, where 10 is the highest. An example of a northern lights forecast could be find here. There are also several apps available for predicting the chances of seeing the northern lights during your stay.

-Lastly, the area you are in when looking for the northern lights should be as dark as possible. Street lights and lights from houses block the view to the sky, and there’s therefore a lot of light pollution in and around town. The camping is located a bit away from the main population of the city, so there are areas both on and around the camp site which could be used as good locations for seeing the aurora. There is also a walking trail going up the valley behind the camping where you can get away from most street lights. The path itself is lit up but please make sure you have a light on your own if you’re staying out late, as these lights aren’t on all night. If you walk for about 30-40 minutes up the path, you will arrive at a lavvu/hut where you could sit inside and/or light a fire.


A good rule of thumb is that if you can see the stars, then it is possible to see the northern lights.

We recommend planning and booking your activities in good time before arrival to make sure you get to book the activities you want to participate in. The groups for many of the activities aren’t very big, so during the high season they’re often fully booked if you try to book on short notice.

For booking, please send us an e-mail or use the contact form on the bottom of the info page for activities. If you want to do activity bookings during your stay, we can also help you with this at the reception.

The closest bus stop from us is called Båthavna, and is located about 10 minutes by foot away from the camping. The bus lines 20 and 24 pass this stop approx. every 15-30 minutes depending on the time of day, and takes about five minutes to reach the city centrum.

To get from the city to us, take bus 20 or 24 from the stop “Havnegata H1” to Båthavna, and walk up the valley along the river until you reach us.

All info on buses and public transport in the area could be found on .

We serve breakfast every day in the reception café.

Weekdays: 07:30 – 10:00      Weekends: 08:00 – 11:00

The breakfast consists of a buffet of traditional Norwegian breakfast with bread, eggs, different types of spread like cheese, ham, smoked salmon and jam, croissants and fruit and greens. There is also scrambled eggs.

If you have special requests (e.g. allergies), please contact us.

If nothing else is mentioned, payment will be done on arrival at the reception. We accept both cash and cards. Please note that if you want to pay by cash, we only accept Norwegian Kroner (NOK). If you want to exchange money, this could be done at the post office in the city.

We accept most cards, but not American Express.


If want to pay before arrival, this could be done either via bank transfer, or we could withdraw the money directly from your credit card. Please contact us for more info on this if wanted.

If you want to go by foot, the nearest grocery store is Eurospar Tromsdalen located up the hill behind The Arctic Cathedral. To get there, it’s a 15-20min walk from the camping.

If you want to go by car, it’s easiest to drive to Eurospar Tomasjord To get there, drive down to the main road (E8) from the camping, take to the right and continue through two roundabouts. You should then see the Eurospar on the left hand side of the road. This drive is approx. five minutes.

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We look forward to your visit.

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