Tromsø Lodge & Camping is fully owned by the local sports team: TUIL

TUIL (Tromsdalen Ungdoms- og Idrettslag; Tromsdalen Youth and Sports Club) is a large club, with around 2000 members in football, skis, gymnastics, and more. With a team in OBOS-Ligaen (Level 2 in Norway), the football group is run by the administration built around the A-team – providing a professional angle on a club consisting mostly of children. Other parts of the club are run by enthusiasts: Our biggest and most important asset.

TUIL Tromsø Lodge & Camping

By being part of a sports club, we are able to provide a possibility for local children to do what they love: Being social and active.

In fact, everything we earn here at Tromsø Lodge & Camping is put right into facilitating for our young athletes.


Now, we’ve finally have finalized our newest project: TUIL Arena 2!

TUIL Arena 2 is the big blue building you can see right next to the campsite. It’s an arena packed with activity offers, and most of them are for children. There is a football pitch, a gymnastics area, some dancing and exercise areas, rooms for socializing and much more! We’ve spent a lot of time and resources into the arena, and we are very proud now that it’s opening.

TUIL Arena 2


So, we would like to thank YOU, our guests, for making this possible!

Because of you, children will have activity offers all year around, with no need to worry about season, weather or outside temperature – in TUIL Arena 2, there will always be good conditions!




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