Norwegians are born with skis on their feet, it’s said. Cross-country skiing is one of our favourite activities, and it’s easy to learn!

Experience the snow-covered landscape in a super local way, and join this tour that requires no special skill, other than having a positive attitude. Skiing is a combination between balance and technique, so the guide will teach you the basic techniques. If you rather want to go snowshoeing, you are very welcome to join and learn how to walk as a literal bigfoot, a technique that has been evolving just as long as skiing.


  • November – March
  • Ski/Snowshoe equipment
  • Hot Drink
  • Snack
  • Guide
  • Warm clothes


Snow shoeing: from NOK 795,- (adult)

Snow shoeing: from NOK 498,- (child)

Cross country skiing: from NOK 995,- (adults only)

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