Kiss under the northern lights
Photo: Tromsø Friluftsenter
Season: September – early April

Northern lights experiences

Witness the magical northern lights

Experience the mesmerizing northern lights – also known as the aurora borealis – from autumn to early spring in Tromsø. Starting in September, as the nights grow longer, waves of green, purple, red, and sometimes even blue, can spontaneously flare up in the sky, leaving onlookers in awe.

Tromsø is among the best places in the world to see the northern lights, as it lies at the heart of the northern lights oval, encircling the magnetic north pole. This allows for the best possible view of the northern lights, even during periods of low solar activity.

Join one of our partners, and head out to chase the aurora borealis. Our partners are professional guides, with several years of experience. – And they love to share their knowledge about the enchanting northern lights!

Our dedicated partners will do everything they can to ensure that you will see the northern lights, as well as making sure that you remain warm and comfortable throughout the trip.

There are a lot of different tours available, and we have carefully selected our partners, so that you can be sure that the experience is of high quality. This is must-do activity when visiting Tromsø!

Choose a tour tailored to your preferences and desires:

  • Embark on a northern lights chasing tour in a small group on a minibus
  • Make a visit to one of the aurora basecamps, where you stay put for the evening until the northern lights appears. A similar tour combined with a visit to a local camp with Alaskan huskies is also possible.
  • Join the aurora dinner cruise tour, and enjoy a north Norwegian culinary experience, while waiting for the northern lights to appear. This tour can also be done without the dinner.

Included on all tours:

  • Pick-up and drop-off at Tromsø Lodge & Camping (NB! Applies only to chasing tours and basecamp-stays)
  • English-speaking guide
  • Snacks and hot drinks
  • Winter clothing
  • Pictures from the tour


from NOK 990,- per person (depending on the type of tour available)
Sesong: November – April

Dog sledding tours

Combine the best of two worlds: huskies and pristine Arctic nature!

Lead your own team of man’s best friend and become a musher for a day. We have dedicated partners who offer different types of dogsledding tours you can join.

Dogsledding self-drive: Embrace your inner musher and steer your very own team of huskies. The sled is shared with another guest, and you will switch roles halfway through the trip.

Dogsledding ride: Sit back and enjoy the ride, as you embark on a journey through the stunning Arctic nature, while a professional guide steers the sled.


  • Pick-up and drop-off at Tromsø Lodge & Camping (NB! Applies only to tours by Best Arctic)
  • Hot meal and drinks
  • Winter clothing


from NOK 2.140,- per person (depending on the type of tour available)
Dog sledding
Foto: Photo: Tromsø Villmarkssenter
Sami woman feeds reindeer
Photo: Tromsø Arctic Reindeer
Season: September – April

Sámi Culture Experiences

Visit a local Sámi family, learn about their culture, and try out reindeer sledding!

The Sámi people are the indigenous people in the far north of Europe. Throughout history, they have inhabited a region called Sápmi, that covers Norway, Sweden, Finland, and even Russia. They have lived off the land for generations, as reindeer herders, hunters, and gatherers, roaming the vast lands of the north.

Whereas the previous generations were denied practicing their language and traditions during the 18th and 19th hundreds, due to the Norwegianization of the Sámi people – the Sámi culture is currently experiencing a strong renaissance, led by the younger generations, who are proudly taking back their heritage, and practicing their language and unique traditions in daily life. The majority of Sámi’s living in Northern Norway are of north-Sámi descent, practicing their own language; a branch of the Finno-Ugric language group, closely related to the Finnish language.

Our partners are Sámi families, who combine traditional reindeer herding with sustainable tourism. They invite visitors of Tromsø to come and learn about their history, culture and traditions, craftwork, food, and daily life in a modernized world.

You can visit their camp and lavvo’s, try reindeer sledding, lasso throwing, and enjoy a traditional Sámi meal called “Bidos” – a stew made of reindeer meat and root vegetables -, while listening to stories of their history and culture.

Included on all tours:

  • Pick-up and drop-off at Tromsø Lodge & Camping
  • English-speaking guide
  • Hot meal and drinks

Principles for Responsible and Ethically Sustainable Sámi Tourism

  1. Recognizing and Respecting the Value and Richness of the Sámi Cultural Heritage
  2. Protecting and Maintaining the Vitality of Sámi Cultural Heritage for Future Generations
  3. Mutually Beneficial Understanding and Co-operation
  4. Issues Featured in Sámi Tourism – Their Recognition and Correction
  5. Positive Impact of Sámi Tourism on Sámi People, Their Culture and Environment
  6. Responsible and Ethically Sustainable Marketing and Communications of Sámi Tourism
  7. High-Quality Visitor Experiences – Quality Assurance


from NOK 1.390,- per person (depending on the type of tour available)
Sesong: Winter

Snowmobile Safari

Fast, fun, and exciting – snowmobile your way through the Arctic landscape!

Head out and enjoy a fun and exciting day with our partner, by joining a snowmobile safari in the Arctic wilderness. The tour does not require any previous experience, and you will be with a professional guide who will give you a thorough explanation on how to drive the snowmobile.

The tour starts with a scenic drive from Tromsø, and will bring you to the Lyngen area. The snowmobile trails are approved and well-established, and you will make several stops during the trip, to really take in the amazing winter landscape. The snowmobile is shared, and you will switch seats halfway through the trip.

Please note that to drive the snowmobile, you must be 18 years old and possess a valid driver’s license. Participants under the age of 18, or without a driver’s license, can still join the tour as a passenger.


  • Pick-up and drop-off at Tromsø Lodge & Camping
  • English-speaking guide
  • Thermal suits, winter boots, gloves and safety helmet
  • Hot meal and drinks


from NOK 2.290,- per person (depending on the type of tour available)
Foto: Photo: Best Arctic
Fjord Cruise
Photo: Brim Explorer
Season: Hermes II boat available all year round

Fjord- and fishing trip

Experience Tromsø by sea, the surrounding fjords, or try your fishing luck!

Relax and enjoy a scenic fjord cruise around the Tromsø island, while spotting Arctic wildlife and learning more about the history of the surrounding areas. Our partners offer easy and comfortable tours, on a historic wooden boat or on a modern environmental-friendly hybrid boat.

Join our partner Hermes, and enter their historical wooden boat: You can choose amongst tours that include fishing, or shorter cruises focusing on photography and storytelling.

Hermes II tours include:

  • Scenic cruise and wildlife spotting
  • Norwegian and English-speaking guide
  • Hot drinks
  • Warm lounges, WC-facilities, and personal safety gear
  • Local food and drinks for sale


from kr. 850,- per person

Sesong: October, and February – April

Fjord cruise

Enjoy a quiet cruise with first-class views

Sit back and relax, while enjoying a scenic cruise with our partner Brim Explorer, that also includes a visit to an old fishing facility on one of the neighboring islands.

Tour includes:

  • Scenic cruise and wildlife spotting
  • Norwegian and English-speaking guide
  • On-board kiosk, WC facilities and Wi-Fi


from NOK 1.290,- per person
Sesong: October/November – January/February

Silent Whale Watching

Experience the mighty and mythical whales!

These amazing and highly intelligent mammals return to the fjords of the Tromsø region, to feed of the herring during the early winter months. And with good chance, you can witness humpback whales and orcas at close range!

Embark on a journey out to sea in the early morning and enjoy a comfortable and scenic cruise towards the islands north of Tromsø.

You will pass old fishing villages and shipwrecks, and spot wildlife, such as sea eagles, various Arctic birds, seals, and maybe even porpoises.

Our partner operates a boat that is partly electric. Once the whales have been spotted, they will switch to the electric and silent engine to minimize the disturbance to the whales. The boat is designed for whale watching, with panoramic windows, and a warm and cozy indoor area, so you will have first-class seats to spot the whales from. Amongst the crew, there will be marine biologists sharing their knowledge with you about the whales and the wildlife in the Arctic regions. This is a must-do activity for visitors during the early winter months in Tromsø!


  • Scenic boat cruise and wildlife spotting
  • English and Norwegian speaking guides
  • On-board kiosk, WC facilities and Wi-Fi

Contact us for booking and more information!


from kr. 1.690,- per person (depending on the type of tour available)
Killer whale
Foto: Photo: Brim Explorer
People on a snowshoe trip in the mountains
Photo: Tromsø Outdoor
Season: December – March

Ski & Snowshoeing Trips

Join a snowshoeing trip in the Arctic nature, or start your carrier as a true local by learning how to ski in Norway!

Our partner offers a wide range of snowshoeing trips for beginners and experienced winter hikers. Conquer a mountain, visit a local café, or simply play and have fun in the snow, and warm up around a cozy bonfire; the choice is yours!

For those looking to learn a new skill and truly embrace the Norwegian way of life, our partner also offers cross country ski lessons.


  • English-speaking guide
  • Transport from the city center
  • Snowshoe or ski equipment
  • Hot drinks and snacks


from NOK 795,- per person


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