Tromsø Lodge & Camping aims to ensure the most sustainable and environmentally friendly delivery of all its services

Through the Eco-Lighthouse certification program, we first achieved becoming a certificatied sustainable business in 2020. Our goal is to make sustainability a natural and integrated part of our daily work, as well as to influence our guests to make sustainable choices while staying with us in Tromsø.

As a locally owned business – and part of TUIL (Tromsdalen Youth and Sports Club) – our strength lies in the social dimension of our sustainability work, through our commitment to the local community. Together with TUIL, we facilitate for children and youth to thrive in sports and participate in after-school activities. And as a local business within the tourism industry, we contribute to creating jobs and offering educational opportunities for students, as well as parttaking in various work-programs for individuals in collaboration with the local municipality.

Read more about TUIL (Tromsdalen Youth and Sports Club) here (only available in Norwegain at the moment)

Although we are proud to have achieved this certification, we recognize that the accomplishment is no more than a natural step in our approach towards becoming a more sustainable business, and that it relies on true commitment and constant work.


Our 5 pledges for sustainability:

As part of becoming a more sustainable business, we have pledged to commit to five goals from the SDG chart (Sustainable Development Goals) – read more about the SDG goals here!



If you have any tips or advice on how you think that Tromsø Lodge & Camping can become a more sustainable business – or are you a fellow colleague from the industry, wanting to share some insights or other perspectives? – Please let us know, by filling in the form below: