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Skiing: A Way Of Life

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Chasing the Northern Lights

Northern Lights, Aurora Borealis, Lady Aurora. We have many names for the things we love, and The Northern Lights are…

Summer holiday in Northern Norway? We can offer this!

If you are planning a camping vacation in Northern Norway this summer, you will likely find a cabin, or a…
Pinnekjøtt med potet, kålrabistapp, tyttebær og pølser

Traditional cuisine in Norway: What to expect?

Norway has long food traditions. From robust flavors in reindeer and moose prepared with wild mushrooms, to sweet temptations in…

10 tips for an eco-friendly camping trip

It’s fun to camp, but nature is fragile. See our ten tips on environmentally friendly camping, in order for your…

Freebies in Tromsø

Norway can be an expensive country to vacation in, and a common perception is that one MUST spend a lot…
Det norske flagg

How Norwegians celebrate the Constitution Day

Every country has a national day, but few national days are celebrated with as much enthusiasm and joy as May…
Mor og barn på skitur

4 traditions that define Norwegian Easter

Norwegians love Easter – and there’s a good reason for it. But what exactly makes the Norwegian Easter so fantastic?…

Winter is Coming

The fall is a beautiful and spellbinding time in the north – but soon it’s time to express a wistful…

Tromsø – The Eldorado of Hiking

Tromsø is blessed with mountains and nature right outside the doorstep. It will not take you more than a couple…