Norwegians are born with skis on their feet, it’s said. Cross-country skiing is one of our favourite activities, and it’s easy to learn!

Experience the snow-covered landscape in a super local way, and join this tour that requires no special skill, other than having a positive attitude. Skiing is a combination between balance and technique, so the guide will teach you the basic techniques. If you rather want to go snowshoeing, you are very welcome to join and learn how to walk as a literal bigfoot, a technique that has been evolving just as long as skiing.


  • November – March
  • Ski/Snowshoe equipment
  • Hot Drink
  • Snack
  • Guide
  • Warm clothes

When the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) appears on the night sky, it simply magical. It’s constantly moving and changing shape, reminding you of the incredible beauty of nature.


What is the northern lights?

During large solar explosions and flares, huge quantities of particles are thrown out of the sun and into deep space. When these particles meet the Earth’s magnetic shield, they are led towards a circle around the magnetic North Pole, where they interact with the upper layers of the atmosphere. The energy which is then released is the Northern Lights. All of this happens approximately 100 kilometres above our heads.

But the northern lights are not only tied to research and sience, but also superstition, culture and religion. It’s believed that the lights are what the Norwegian vikings called the sky bridge between the gods and the earth, guarded by the god Heimdal. In Sami tradition, the Northern Lights perceived to have a supernatural power as invoked in disputes.


On this experience, the knowledgeable guides will take you to the areas where you have the best chances of experiencing the magic of the dancing Aurora – and let you in on all the secrets it has to offer.


  • September – March
  • Transport
  • Guide
  • Hot drinks
  • Light snacks
  • Thermal suits
  • High resolution pictures from the tour (small/private group only)
  • Warm, wind and waterproof clothes
  • Camera
  • Approximately 5 hours


Reindeer sledding is the oldest known form for transportation in the north, and is a very central part of the Sami culture. The Sami are the indigenous people of the North, and this experience will let you know their culture better.

Join an authentic Sami guide, who comes from a Sami family with long reindeer herding traditions. Enjoy an unforgettable experience of pure reindeer sledding (3 km) and Sami culture.

During your visit, you will also experience feeding the reindeer, lasso throwing, sightseeing at the camp, Sami food, storytelling, display of cultural artifacts and joik (traditional Sami song).

Join one of our partners; morning, afternoon or in the evening. You can choose to experience the ‘full package’, or just meet and pet the reindeers. Contact the reception for booking and more information about the different tours our partners offer.

Dog power has been used for hunting and travel for four thousand years. Be part of history, and experience a real arctic adventure when driving your own team of dogs at the edge of Tromsø. You will get help from a guide that will help you to become a “musher”.

Assembling a dog sled team involves picking leader dogs, point dogs, swing dogs, and wheel dogs. The lead dog is crucial, so mushers take particular care of these dogs.

Meet the friendly dogs,
who loves to run and getting hugs, and you will quickly discover the team-interaction that happens between you and your team of dogs.
On these trips you will get close contact with the guides, dogs and other participants – which will put a personal touch on your adventure. Two persons will share one sledge and switch on doing the “driving” during the tour.
Join our partner for an incredible experience, be it during morning, afternoon or in the evening – contact the reception for more information!
  • December – March
  • Transport
  • Hot meal
  • Hot drinks
  • Warm clothing
  • Winter boots
  • Guide
  • 5 hours


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