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Truls Tiller with a new northern lights record: – Taking pictures of the aurora, wearing only a t-shirt

Truls Tiller has established himself as one of the best and most active northern lights photographers in Tromsø.

This year he was hunting the natural phenomenon a little earlier than usual.

  • 17th of August was a new record, with his previous record being the 24th of August. The aurora is present all year, but it’s only visible once it gets dark. It’s mostly coincidental that the aurora was visible in the middle of august, Truls tiller says.

Is September the best month for aurora hunting?


Most tourist come to Tromsø during wintertime to capture the northern lights. However, the conditions for capturing aurora is almost equally good during early fall.

– Taking northern light pictures last year was more comfortable than usual, because of higher temperatures. I remember taking pictures of the aurora in a t-shirt. There is nothing in the way of having a good time hunting the northern lights in September. You can have better experiences in the fall months since the daylight can be equally spectacular.

– The problem is that it can get quite dark, for instance in the mountains, and that you get no light reflected from the missing snow. It can prove challenging to take pictures then. However, for the overall experience I find that the fall months are equally good, Tiller says.

Northern lights

This is how to take great northern lights pictures

Tiller has taken several northern lights pictures that has gone viral on the internet, and is always on the lookout for new and interesting motives.

-Now I am ready for a new season, although I might say I’m always prepared. This year I will explore Balsfjord and Lyngen. The scenery there is amazing, and I am constantly looking for new motives.

-What is important to remember in order to take a good picture of the aurora?

-The most important thing when it comes to northern lights pictures is actually being where it actually happens. App’s can help you to predict the aurora activity, but it is difficult to predict a precise time when it is most active. You need to pay close attention. After that it’s finding new locations to shoot – you need to try and get out of the light pollution from other light sources, Tiller explains.

-To capture aurora you need a decent digital camera, a good lens and most importantly a tripod

Many tourists leave disappointed because they were unable to capture the northern lights with their smartphone cameras.

– Is it impossible to capture the aurora with your smartphone?

You can use a phone to take northern lights pictures since the technology has come really far the last couple of years. You can use app’s that enhances the light, but the quality can be underwhelming. If you want to take a quality picture, you need proper equipment, Truls Tiller says.

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